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Nature- the mother of inspiration

Posted on 2017-10-01 10:08:00 by Dorji Choden and Tshelthrim Zangmo XC, BPN member from Gyelpozhing Central School

Nature, the store house of all ideas,

And the mother of all inspiration resources

The beauty, the wisdom and the skill

Of nature inspired all the human creature to create master piece.


In a course of river,

In a life cycle of a butterfly

And even in a tiny seed….

You have inspired us.


One such inspiring event

Is the birth of a plant

Where you sends the message

“Roots of success are formed through hard work”


And you inspired

The transformation caterpillar

Into a brilliantly colored butterfly

That can fly

And you inspire us to excel

And you beautify every corner of environment,

So, hear the secret messages

Send by the nature of inspiration…..





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