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My Wooden Earth

Posted on 2017-10-30 09:02:47 by Focal Person from Sakteng Lower Secondary School

 My Wooded Earth

As a child, I would sit and ponder at,
 the wooded areas, for their beauty calms me.
The swaying branches and whistling winds,
as if they were calling my name proudly.

They were my retreat, as I grew older,     
for the woods became my own residence,
filled with imagination, creativity,
resourcefulness, as well  inspiration.  

I loved woods, for no problems, were too great,
the woods protected me from everything.
The branches open as to embrace me.
Beings, in their busy, stopped to welcome.

 This place, my woody earth, I lived for.
It is that nice place that beckons me now.
For just in thy woods, I felt truly free,
when your love surrounds me so profoundly.   

  Lady by the road side 

  A lady footing by the road  side,                

Beautifully and perfectly made herself,  

Waiting for a lifting car to come,     

 As me taking the same direction.    

Few metres she stands from me,

As quite as                                                                                                                                        






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