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Think Globaly, Act Localy

Posted on 2017-11-02 13:11:19 by Sangay Tshomo from Sakteng Lower Secondary School

Green Bhutan is the vision of our country. Everyone aspires and it is our responsibility to realize the vision so that one day that vision will come true. So as to actualize the vision, every one of us must take some actions which are within our reach. In connection to that, this year in my school, the phenology club has organized tree plantations coinciding Social Forestry Day. Prior to that we dug holes and even collected saplings to plant the next day. We requested park officials as a guest speaker and two speakers from students ‘side to address on the importance of forest to our country.

After the keynote speakers we organized debate competition amongst the houses on ' Preserving forest is ´more important than development. ‘The debate was interesting and worth listening to them. Prizes were awarded to the winning houses. After that we went outside to plant trees. Once the plantation was over, we served refreshments and even provided lunch for our children and guests who were present on that day. 


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