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Speech given by student on Social Forestry day

Posted on 2017-11-04 09:13:25 by Coordinator from Sakteng Lower Secondary School


The celebration of the Social Forestry Day has significant importance in our country. We celebrate the day to mark Our Beloved King His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck’s Golden Reign. It is an occasion to offer our heartfelt gratitude to our visionary monarch under whose benevolent leadership; our country is enjoying unprecedented socio-economic developments. We the people of Bhutan live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

His Majesty being a nature conservationist declared early in his reign that Bhutan must maintain 70 percent forest coverage for all time to come. The National Assembly members later endorsed this policy and it is now enshrined in our constitution. It will continue as the guiding principles for all future development in our country. Today, the forest covered area is about 70.46 percent. Hereafter too, we should work hand in hand and maintain forest covered areas more than that of today.

In this connection, spearheaded by nature club, we observed Social Forestry Day in a small way with the view that our small action can bring a major impact in the lives to come. Our participation in such social works like planting of saplings is highly appreciated.  Participating in a similar fashion would mean helping to conserved forested areas henceforth.

The essence of celebrating Social Forestry Day is to remind us how important forests are to our economic and ecological well being. We all have a sacred responsibility to ensure that this gift of nature is passed on intact to our generations. The Social Forestry Day also aims to foster and inculcate love for plant and nature by human beings. It is indeed very important that we become environmentally conscious citizens. We invited officials from park as our chief guest since they have a greater link with the day we are celebrating. Two students from the nature club were given the chance to deliver a speech on the importance of the day. That was followed by chief guest reading the message from honorable Agriculture Minister. In marking the day, we have planted around 40 saplings within the school campus besides 25 to 30 saplings in the park areas. Before planting of saplings, chief guest along with the other staff offered butter lamps paying our deepest respect to our visionary monarchs.

In order to make the day more significant, we even conducted debate competition between classes VII & VIII on nature related topic. The debate was worth conducting since the two opponents had a heated debate trying to prove their stand. The success of the celebration was due the kind help given by the Sakteng Wild life Sanctuary office. They have generously given us Nu 7000/-. With that money, we served refreshment to our students and staff. Cash prizes for best debater and class winner were also given from that cash. The day was successfully come to an end as given in the programme list attached below.



Programme list for 2nd June-2017




9:00 AM

Students & staff assemble in the MPH


9:30 AM

Arrival of chief guest


10:00 AM

Offering of butter lamps by the chief guest & other staff


10:15 AM

Welcome speech by nature club coordinator


10.30 AM

Speech by nature club members( I Eng & I Dzo)


10:45 AM

Chief Guest reads the  message of Agriculture minister


11:00 AM

Debate competition on nature related topic(VII &VIII)


11:40 AM

Award prizes for the winning class & best debater.


11:50 AM

Chief guest, other staff & nature club members plant saplings


12.00 PM

Serve tea & Parle G to the students & other staff.


12:10 PM

Move to park area to plant saplings


12:30 PM

Serve lunch for Staff & students.


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