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Phenology club exhibition 2018: Tangmachu CS

Posted on 2018-12-10 06:42:24 by administrator

On 6th October, the member of HEROES’s club showcased phenology project activities during an Annual School’s Club Exhibition Day. It provided an opportunity to exhibit a yearlong learning outcomes and share experiences related to phenology activities the students.

Among many exhibitions exhibited by almost 25 different clubs, phonology club took the pride to showcase their learnings in front of many audience and judges. They exhibited lifecycle pictures of plants, demonstrated on weather station operation and explained how phenology of plants in their school campus varies from years to years.

Beside presentations, the main objective of the club was to inform the audience about how 10 species of plants which were under intensive study completes their life cycle under wide range of climatic conditions, particularly their phenological events such as budding, leafing, flowering and fruiting.

Student’s also analyzed the data to determine how varying climatic conditions effect the different stages of their phenophase. Indeed it was an opportunity for member students as they could make advocacy on the climate change and its impact on the biodiversity through their own experiences as project students over many years.

In addition, it also helped club members to acquire and develop skills on basic data analysis, communicate their works to other students and convey the significance of such study for the school.

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